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(1) <cprofitt AT ubuntu DOT com>
(1) GPG Key (D5E5A1A5)

Freenode IRC:
(1) #ubuntu-doc
(2) #ubuntu-us
(3) #ubuntu-us-ny

(1) Charles Profitt

Whois cprofitt

I am an IT professional in a K-12 school district. I dabbled with Linux annually since 1993, but in 2006 decided it was time to migrate to using it full time. Since that time I have become active in both the Global and Local Ubuntu communities. The Ubuntu community was the deciding factor in my adoption of Ubuntu; I found it to be welcoming and willing to help me as I learned the art of Linux-Fu.

I am honored to have been an Ubuntu Member since January of 2009. I am now focused on advocacy and assisting others make the transition from proprietary OSes to Open Source. I believe the Ubuntu Community is what sets the distribution apart from many others.

Current Involvement:

Past Involvement:

Current Projects

Ubuntu Global
Primary Author of the Anti-Harassment policy statement used by the Ubuntu Community for UDS.

Ubuntu Community Help Wiki
Wiki editor and administrator assisting in cleaning up and rejuvenating the community help wiki.

Ubuntu Community Council
Work with other council members to ensure that Ubuntu teams are healthy and functioning well.

Ask Ubuntu
Active as a contributor to AskUbuntu.

Ubuntu New York
Active in trying to develop a more active team including people willing to organize local and on-line events.


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