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I'm cwill747. I've been involved in the North Carolina LoCo team and the forums, but I've been especially involved in Ubuntu Launchpad Answers. I believe that it is vital for every Ubuntu user to have quick access to support, as there are many people that are not familiar with Linux. I'm trying to help answer their questions, one question at a time. I might not do it as much as I should be, but I really try to get out there and get through a bunch of questions every once in a while.

I'm working to become CACert certified, and would be happy to certify anybody else from the NC Loco once that happens. I'm also working on my Ubuntu certification, to be completed who knows when. I have to pass my classes first.




I began testing during the Lucid Alpha 1 iso. I've decided to test the standard i386 and Netbook Remix versions using Virtualbox machines. I'm part of the Ubuntu Testing Team, and will continue to test as long as I have spare time and a computer. It's a pretty easy thing to get started with, and it's somewhere that we'd love to have you helping out in! Check out the page for the QA Team if you're interested.

NC Loco

I'm trying, slowly, to become more involved with the NC Loco. I failed to find a group in the Triangle to have an Ubuntu meetup with, so I recently jumped on the Profile Roulette project. If you're a member of the Loco, we'd love to have you on the roulette list! That way, you can have your profile viewed by the Loco, and have people comment or send some recommendations your way.