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My name is Danny Piccirillo and I am an environmentalist, activist, and an advocate of free software and open source. I live in Newton, Massachusetts, USA, very close to Boston. I am in my Junior year at Newton North High School. I was born in 1991 and have lived in Newton since I was an infant (though not in the same house). I am an official Ubuntu Member and was approved on October 9th, 2007.

My Path

As a child I valued virtue above all else, whether I was aware of it or not. I loved nature and was as close to an environmentalist as someone that young can be without any real understanding of the greater world of politics built up around him. I valued life, freedom, and truth. As I grew up i became aware of environmental, political, and moral issues plaguing our world. Today, I am a leader of my school's Environmental Club which has taught me a lot about leadership and I have become absorbed in Free/Open Source Software and Technology as well as digital rights and freedoms. So here I am, supporting Ubuntu Smile :)


My Interest and Experience with Linux

I have had a love for computers and technology since i was very young. I was introduced to computers with Windows so I began with blind faith in Microsoft but my interests in computers inevitably led me to learn about digital rights and open source. I began using Linux when i was 15 years old in late 2006 with Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft and ever since, I have become more and more involved. I am one of the core members of the Ubuntu Massachusetts Team as well as a less involved (at this point) member of the Ubuntu Marketing Team and the Ubuntu US Team.

My Involvement with Ubuntu

Massachusetts Team

As a member of the [:MassachusettsTeam:Massachusetts Ubuntu LoCo Team] and I have helped to start and run some [:MassachusettsTeam/Projects:projects] and [:MassachusettsTeam/Events:events] as well as attend [:MassachusettsTeam/Meetings:meetings]. Most of the work i do for the team is on the Wiki.

Team Wiki Contributions

You can look at our wiki to see my work. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam

Outside contributions

I advocate Ubuntu at my school and would love to get my city library to switch too. I am working with my school to test out Ubuntu and have gotten the head of the Technology Department to give me a brand new school iMac (right out of the box) to install Ubuntu on and put it out for students to try and give feedback on. So far, so good!

I help friends and family switch too. Everybody loves it!