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Dave Walker


e-mail:............MailTo(davewalker AT ubuntu.com)

e-mail:............MailTo(davewalker AT skydivers.co.uk)

IRC nickname:.....Daviey on Freenode network

Physical Location:.......Southampton, England, UK.

Linux Usage History:

Began experimenting with Slackware during 1999 (v4).

Experimented with Ubuntu, December 2004 (Warty).

Solely used Ubuntu April 2005 - Present.

I first tried Linux with 'Slackware' back in 1999, but with very little support it was not possible to fully convert. It took me a while to realise that Linux was more than just a console. I was relieved when a friend showed me 'startx'. At that point I realised that Linux could be a viable desktop OS, and I knew that eventually I wanted to fully convert. I didn't feel comfortable fully switching to Linux until April 2005 - and in honestly, haven't missed the proprietary system I once used.

Linux Community Contributions

Member of the following Launchpad Teams:

I am a relatively experienced C++ & Java Developer, recently have been trying to teach myself the Python language.

When I run into a bug in a program, I check the bug tracker for the project. If there is nothing listed for it, I will very often download the repository's source package, and try to trace it down myself.

LoCo (Ubuntu-UK)

An active member in my Ubuntu LoCo (ubuntu-uk).

Part of this has involved being a channel operator (admin) in #ubuntu-uk IRC channel.

This also included Chairing the 01/05/2007 meeting.


I participate in MythTV for Ubuntu, this has enabled me to join the 'Ubuntu MythTV maintainers for Universe' . This work has extended to 'Mythbuntu' - a Mythtv/Ubuntu dedicated release (with the 'Frontend' able to work from the livecd, with minimal configuration)

When I first started using Ubuntu one of my first projects was to get 'MythTV' running nicely on a dedicated frontend. This was relatively easy, but still required the strict following of wiki's and guides. I decided one way i could help the community was to help make Mythtv more accessible. After discussion with the Ubuntu mythtv team it was decided that we could start a derivative of Ubuntu that would install and configure Ubuntu+Mythtv as much as possible. The obvious name for this project was Mythbuntu. Further information can be found at http://www.mythbuntu.org (which i help maintain).

Asterisk / VOIP

I rely quite heavily on VOIP telephony as my house is fully dependant on Ubuntu&Asterisk routing all phone calls. What makes this especially useful, Asterisk can automatcially use 'Least Cost Routing' and also has the advantage of not requiring standard PSTN line rental.

Ubuntu Contributions

Launchpad Karma: 4538

As part of the 'BugSquad' I try and help triage bugs to help the developers of the applications fix the bugs. I also try and help answer support requests and help in #ubuntu when time permits. Recently I have been nominated for the proposed IRC Jury/Panel


I have been hovering in #ubuntu-motu, and learned about the REVU process. I registered with REVU in March 2007.

Revu Packages:


Goals for 2007

I have a goal to become both a MOTU and a Ubuntu 'member' . I believe that gaining this status will allow maximum contribution to the already dedicated community


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