David Coles

Hi, I'm David Coles. I'm currently a 4rd year Software Engineering/Discrete Maths at The University of Melbourne. This year I'm going to be on a year long exchange to The University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I've been involved as a committee member of MUCSA in 2007 as well as volunteering for linux.conf.au earlier this year.

I started using Linux at the end of 2004 as something to do between the end of High School and the start of my course. I began with Fedora Core 3 and followed that for a while then jumped over to using Warty very briefly (I've still got the packaged CD's on my desk) before moving over to using Slackware on my ancient K6 Laptop (as well as tinkering around with Gentoo, NetBSD and Minix). I've using Ubuntu on my desktop machine and this year decided to switch my home server over to using Ubuntu Server after being driven up the wall by a few of Fedora 9's bleeding edge features.

My interests are in Networking, VoIP Telephony, Graphics.


Email: <coles.david AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>


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