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My name is Dor, I am very involved in the Ubuntu Israel LoCo, and even a manager in the these forums. I have started my way in Linux at 2006, using Ubuntu since 2007 and being an active user since 2008. Today I am one of the most active Ubuntu users in Israel, and being an important part of the Israeli LoCo team.

Contact information


Dor Dankner


d.dorda [at] gmail.com






http://ddorda.useopensource.net (Hebrew)



Future Goals

  • Increase activity in Israel with regards to Ubuntu and within Ubuntu-IL, I intend to be part of more free events.
  • Make Ubuntu more popular in my country.
  • Make Hebrew to be one of the most translated languages in Ubuntu.
  • Increase the quallity of the Hebrew translation of Ubuntu.

Testimonials for Membership Application

  • MTecknology - Ddorda has been very active in the Ubuntu-Drupal project. He has helped find bugs with the theme and has contributed an RTL file for RTL languages. He has become a member of the ~ubuntu-drupal-themes development team for his contributions.

  • Shezif, Dolev Ravid (The head of the Israeli LoCo) - Dor is one of the most important users in the Israeli community, This guy manage our new amazing site and he do it with a lot of successful. I'm proud to work with someone like dor . Out of this, Dor have a lot of tech talents and with this knowledge Dor helps a lot to the Israeli Ubuntu users. Dor work hard in the Israeli Community and he take part in our activities, The Israeli Community is a one of the most important things for Dor as a moderator I can see that, He's trying to develop our abilities and a lot of the community's successes driven by Dor. I'm happy to know that someone like Dor involved in the Israeli LoCo team. Good luck Dor!

  • EyalLevin - Dor is one of the most active users in the Israeli LoCo. Besides translating Ubuntu into Hebrew, helping out in the forums and promoting the Israeli LoCo in general, he is a great person who shares his joyful spirit everywhere he goes. Dor is definitely an asset to the Ubuntu community.

  • LeoJackson - Dor has been very helpful he can be a person to turn to in time of need. He keeps his focus on the job at hand and completes in a timely manner. A great asset to the Ubuntu Community.


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