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Dan Streetman

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Who I am

I started with UNIX is 1993, using Solaris, and then moved to Linux in 1997 using Slackware, Red Hat, and now Ubuntu. I began Linux kernel development in 2001, in the USB subsystem, and have contributed since then in various kernel subsystems including memory management, networking, and crypto.

My Ubuntu story

I joined Canonical in 2015 as part of the Support and Technical Services Engineering team, and have been working on problems that reach into many different parts of Ubuntu; the kernel, networking, multipath, udev, and more. I enjoy digging deep into technical details and solving problems.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Work on and/or uploads to disco since my Dec 3 DMB meeting application:









My sponsored uploads:

Uploads I have sponsored:

Ubuntu Kernel bug fix contributions not shown in above sponsored uploads:

Areas of work

Most of my work is done in the kernel, both upstream and in Ubuntu's branches. However, I also make fixes to various packages as I, or Canonical customers or public Ubuntu users, find bugs in them that I am in a position to fix.

Things I could do better

Time management is difficult for everyone, as we never have enough time to complete everything we want to do. I hope to manage my time better, balancing work and family while also continuing to contribute upstream.

Plans for the future

Keep improving Ubuntu and Linux in general!

What I like least in Ubuntu

Documentation is sometimes hard to come by, or out of date.


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Dan is among the top smart and talented engineers in my careers and he has wide and deep domain knowledge both in kernel and user space. I was impressed by his analysis on the complicated problem. For example, we ever worked together on the kswapd 100% CPU usage case. Dan quickly figured out the root cause is the Normal zone is too small and gave out a bright patch to compare the low/high watermark instead of backporting the complicated 34 upstream patches. Besides, Dan works diligently(I often saw him started work at his early morning, 4 am ~ 6 am, and until the 6 pm) and is always willing to help the people when the critical tasks come in(we ever worked together on a critical case with 24hrs relay, he promptly jumped in after the vacation without any hesitation). Also, I really appreciate his help. I had a really good time working with Dan in the same team for the last few years. -- mimi0213kimo 2018-10-16 12:12:03

I can only say positive things about Dan. He's one of the most skilled engineers I've had the chance to talk to and work with during my career. I work with Dan at Canonical and always feel fortunate when I need to go to him for a patch, an SRU request or anything else related to our work. Dan always shows great attention to detail and is always ready to assist others. He is a great member of this community and I know the future only holds great things for him. I fully support Dan's claim to becoming a coredev. -- davecore 2018-10-16 19:10:12

Christian Ehrhardt

General feedback

I sponsored only a few packages of Dan, thereby I can only give a partial endorsement as I haven't covered much more recently. We touched on the vlan package where he did a fix through all releases (Therefore not worth an extra "working together section").

But on a wider scope I happen to have contact in regard to KVM when he is responsible for STS and I for the server team, as well as our shared IBM past where he was doing kernel development. In all those occasions I perceived him technically sound and a person great to work with.

Areas of Improvement

At least from my POV he might be a bit short on more complex packaging/maintenance tasks like library transitions, seed management, autopkgtests and britney migrations. All things that you'll face a lot as a core-dev. So unless he just had all that with other peers and I missed it, strengthening that area would be a good addition to complete as a core-dev.


I'd fully trust his general skill and (process-)manners, but have not enough coverage recently for a full core-dev endorsement - maybe others have covered those areas and can fill the remaining endorsement-gap. -- paelzer 2018-10-16 12:20:04

Dave Chiluk

General feedback

I've worked with ddstreet for roughly 10 years now across multiple companies and through my own departure from Canonical. Dan, is a happy and helpful developer which makes him a bit of a refreshing anomaly. Dan is also a tenacious and careful developer. He's not afraid to ask questions. He's primarily worked at supporting Users in Kernel space, and his copious number of commits there is indicative of that work. Dan's primary userspace work is in kernel related tooling, and I expect him to continue in those efforts.

It's clear that Dan completely understands the SRU process, and is a capable developer, and has made significant sustained core contributions to Ubuntu and should be recognized for such. That being said I'd like to see Dan do at least a little +1 maintenance and FTBFS work before becoming a coredev. From my reading of the [Core Developers|] wiki page, I think it's important that every core dev have at least some idea of what goes on in regards to ongoing cadence maintenance. We all have a role to play, and Dan's has been primarily SRU related. I think he deserves the recognition for the work he's done, but I'd like to see a some more non-sru work in his portfolio before I'd be a yes. After that, I'd be a 100% yes. -- chiluk 2018-10-16 17:58:03

Eric Desrochers

General feedback

I worked with Dan for about 3 years now. I have sponsored multiple uploads from Dan and the ones I have seen were all high quality. Dan has the desire to do things right and he always accept constructive comments/feedbacks with a positive attitude. He also recently participated with me in a merge of 'vlan' package.

He understands the principles of debian packaging, the SRU process and the Ubuntu development release process as well. He also knows where to look and/or who to ask when something is block/failing/.... He never let things languish and he pro-actively takes action by himself.

-- slashd 2018-12-03 08:00:00

Scott Moser

General feedback

I've interacted with Dan a few times. Most recently on LP: #1806777. Dan had filed the bug with a great deal of information in the format of an SRU template. I'm quite happy to see people filing quality bugs and writing good SRU templates. Dan did a great job on that bug.

My experience with Dan indicates to me that he is careful and methodical. Those are the two of the most important characteristics in any discipline of engineering, and are required for Ubuntu development.

I'm happy to leave the decision in the hands of the Developer Membership Board.

-- smoser 2020-12-04 23:50:51


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