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  • I'm Dilmi Fethi , I'm an Algerian secondary school student and I'm 16, I discovered open source island by curiosity , and I found it a fascinating land , I loved its philosophy and I switched to this paradise . I'm funny most of the time .:. I hate liars and hypocrites .:. like maths and physics and system developing. And I'm happy for using Ubuntu, I'm now involved in the Algerian LoCo Team.

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Dilmi Fethi






  • Translating Ubuntu to Arabic, I'm joining the official Translating Team of language, and a member of other translation teams, and I've created other translating teams in launchpad for people unknown people having skills in translating , in order to finish work soon as possible.
  • Helping people on launchpad and other forums, and reporting bugs.
  • Studying PyGTK.
  • Introducing Ubuntu to all people I know via forums and social networks , and I'm spreading it in the community where I live.

Future Goals

  • Help developers to correct Bugs.
  • Becoming a MOTU.
  • Becoming a core developer.
  • Contribute in the GNOME project and making GTK more powerful than it is now.
  • Developing:
    • => Small Projects: Lamp Server GUI, Better gnome applications.

      => Big Projects: A RAD for GNU/Linux which integrates many languages, Improving GIMP.

  • Translate Ubuntu fully to Arabic.
  • And of course , fixing Bug #1

  • Make Ubuntu easier and safer to use for all kind of people (easier even for a child of 3years).

My Contributions

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