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Daniel Lopez

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About Me

I have been a Ubuntu user on and off for the past 6 years. I decided to finally give it a full go with my new netbook and obviously, it rocks! I decided that is time for me to get involve in something that I'm passionate about. I'm originally from Colombia but I live in the U.S since 1998. I happen to be a IT professional with emphasis on IT Security. Programming is not my strongest skill but I enjoy practicing and learning any language I can. My desire to help with the Ubuntu community includes Testing (hopefully security testing at some point) and Spanish translations.


Soccer lover to the bone. Barcelona FC fan without a doubt. Other than playing soccer, I enjoy participating in Triathlons and many other outdoor activities from Scuba Diving to Snowboarding.


I earned a bachelors in Computer Information Systems with a minor in business from the Department of Engineering at the University of South Florida. I'm currently finish a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I have been in the IT space for 5 years now including my internships. My focus is on IT security. I have experience on security tool deployments, pen testing, thread modeling, performance/stability/security testing among others.

Ubuntu Participation

I am not sure just yet which groups but of course I will begin with

#ubuntu, #ubuntu-beginners, #ubuntu-beginners-team

Beginners Team

I am not a member of the Beginners Team yet. I am currently in the process of joinig it and have insert my name to be contacted by a master. I wish to join this team because I want to contribute in any way possible and learn more. I aim to become a team member by May 1st 2011.

Ubuntu Forums

US Local Community Team

I'm not currently of any local teams but looking forward to joining one as soon as I get more experience with the community.

Internet Relay Chat

My registered IRC nickname is dlopez12. I am looking forward to getting to know the Ubuntu community members better through this medium. I am usually present in the following channels:

  1. #ubuntu-beginners
  2. #ubuntu-beginners-team
  3. #ubuntu-us-mi

Linux User Group (LUG)

I do not attend any LUG's currently, though it is something I would like to get involved with. I hope to find out more about any LUG's near to me and attend a meeting soon.

Goals For The Future

  1. Continue to post in support sections of the ubuntu forums
  2. Continue to get Friends and Family trying Ubuntu
  3. Become an Ubuntu Beginners Team member
  4. Continue to offer assistance on IRC



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