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 || '''Jabber:''' || [[Mailto(drsmall AT mycroftserver DOT homelinux DOT org)]] ||  || '''Jabber:''' || [[MailTo(drsmall AT mycroftserver DOT homelinux DOT org)]] ||

About Me

[http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/4/3/23/drsmall/f_croppedbigm_ff66ac6.jpg&srv=img37 http://img37.picoodle.com/img/img37/4/3/23/drsmall/t_croppedbigm_ff66ac6.jpg]

My internet alias is Dr Small. I only go by that name on the internet, because occasionally I am the prey of a predator, so I wish him not to know my real name. The name derived from an old book, thence I took it.

I run [http://archlinux.org ArchLinux] on my desktop and have several other machines running Linux in the household. Most notably, they running some form of Ubuntu. My server (Mycroft) currently runs Ubuntu 7.04. My personal opinion on how well the most recent versions of Ubuntu operate, is rather poor. I prefer the older versions as they seem to be more dependable, whether on not they lack a few features.

I am a Geek that is highly interested in cryptography, security and server maintenance. Since I run my own server, I have learned alot from managing SSH to setting up Webmail. It is still an ever learning process for me. My latest tackle for security has been configuring FWKNOP (FireWall KNock OPerator) for portknocking -- Thanks to kevdog for writing the [http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=812573 Howto].

I use GPG for signing and encrypting messages. I may not be technically inclined with it, but I do use it, and have shared the object of encryption on with my internet friends, of which we all use GPG now.

I am currently using [https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox Openbox] on ArchLinux with Conky, Feh and Pypanel for extra added components to Openbox, since it comes with no panel, no wallpaper application. Openfire runs on my server for Jabber so I can host my own Jabber Server, and save myself bandwidth.

As much as others may disagree, I do love chatting on IRC. But due to my bandwidth restrictions, I rarely get on anymore. I try to attend the Beginners Team meetings when I can. The other instant messaging protocol that I use is Jabber, the simple and decentralized alternative to MSN.

I administrate the [http://php.8ez.com/linuxblogs/ LinuxBlogs Project] and my [http://php.8ez.com/drsmall/blog/ blog].

I am a Dvorak User, and currently learning Sign Language in my spare time.



I have written a few different guides. You can find them here:


A list of different teams that I participate in:

IRC Channels

I frequent these channels, when I am online:

  • #grubbN
  • #gobra
  • #ubuntuforums-beginners


This section compiles a list of different scripts I have written:

Frequently Used Apps



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