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= Introduction =
## Describe:
## the teams's purpose and community role
## the team tasks and work
## who might be interested in joining/getting involved with the team

= Contact =
## List the contact information of the team: Mailing-list, IRC channel and Web Forum as they may apply. Provide a link to the Launchpad page as a Team Member list if applicable. Consider how people will get in touch with you based on the contact information you supply.

= How to Contribute =
## Describe easy ways to contribute to the team. These should look a lot like the bulleted points on the ContributeToUbuntu wiki page. Link to more detailed subpages as necessary.

= Projects =
## List the team's current projects and tasks as well as status and contact persons for each one. Make it easy for new people to know who to ask and where to go to get involved with a specific project.

= Launchpad Membership Policy =
## Describe your Launchpad team membership policy here.

= Meetings =
## Link to Meeting Agendas and old meeting summaries here.

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Describe dthomasdigital here.


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