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Summary of Ubuntu Contributions

  • New Mexico Ubuntu LoCo member responsible for many of the organizations core functions.

  • Given multiple presentations with Ubuntu being the foundation.
  • Through events like Software Freedom Day, HDI Conferences, and other public events put Ubuntu in the hands of new users.
  • Ubuntu Membership received 9/9/2008

David Thomas (aka dthomasdigital) Bio


I started working with Linux off and on since 2000, in 2006 I found Ubuntu and in January of 2007 switch to running all I could on Ubuntu. Soon after that I found Michael Rimbert, an Ubuntu member, who had started to lay down the foundation of what is now an official LoCo team The New Mexco Ubuntu Loco. I decided to do everything I could to make The New Mexico loco as successful as we could make it. We went from 2 members to 30 members in just 6 short months, and in November of 2007 we achieved official status. We also have some pretty ambitions projects, one of which, the EPC project we hope becomes a case study in providing Ubuntu support for non-profits. My responsibilities to the team include; create, compile and maintain the Approval Application for official team status, document and record all weekly IRC meetings and monthly "face to face" meetings, maintain the team wiki, help administrate our Launch Pad page, and mailing list As well as being the backup official team contact, thanks to Michael Rimbert for allowing me that responsibility. I'm extremely proud to be one of the core members of the New Mexico Ubuntu Loco, the friendship, knowledge, and spirit of Ubuntu is proving to be invaluable. I'm currently the information technology specialist manager for the Metropolitan Court for the State of New Mexico. Where we were a Ubuntu Landscape beta testing site. I also have more than 15 years of experience in the technology support field, I have held many titles from systems administrator to network engineer. I have a few technical certifications which include; Help Desk Analyst Certification (HDA), Help Desk Manager Certification (HDM), and I'm Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundations Certified in IT service management. I've been an active member of the Help Desk Institute (HDI) since 2005. In 2007 I've started with whats been a goal of mine for years and that's speaking at various conferences and symposiums. I spoke at HDI 2008 Conference and was able to hand out over 150 Ubuntu disk. I was also given a great opportunity to speak at Ubuntu Live however due to it's cancellation I was unable to present. Looks like I'll have to submit a proposal to next years OSCON and with luck in 2009 I'll be able to attend and speak at other events. I feel this is a fantastic chance to promote Ubuntu the operating system and Ubuntu the philosophy. Please see the links on the menu at the top of this page to review the achievements, and involvement I've had with Ubuntu, Linux, and the Open Source communities.

My Future with Ubuntu

This year (2008) I plan to be LPI Linux certified as well as getting a degree (well starting to get a degree) in either a computer security related field or in change management something to complement my ITIL certification. That being said I'd like to join the Ubuntu Security Team and help out in that area.

I plan to continue speaking and attending or presenting at conferences and events being an advocate for Ubuntu when ever I can.

I also plan to help move the New Mexico Ubuntu Loco to be a premier organization by helping our group continue with ambitious and succesful projects, as well as grow our membership.

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