The usual who what when and where

*I've been using ubuntu since Hoary, Linux since ~1996 (kernel 2.0 had just been released) and have been involved in #ubuntu helping users since Hoary.

*You can find me in #ubuntu and #ubuntu+1 on Freenode answering questions (Registered: 2 years 6 weeks 3 days (12h 45m 5s) ago)

*Small blog mainly just some rants and general Linux info


  • -has additional contact info, team memberships, and PPA repo.

* Ubuntu Wiki page(s) networkapt

*I often find myself recommending Ubuntu to new Linux users, and I have a very active #linux channel on with many pro-ponets towards Ubuntu, so I support users there also.

*I just started using PPA on launchpad, it will be great to give people access to some of the packages I've been rolling.

  • -mainly a complete RubyOnRails stack including the configurations necc. for apache2.2/mysql or pgsql (still working on debconf there)/mongrel/ruby/gems spec @

    • -also should handle all configurations of mod_proxy_balancer if the user choose to run more than 1 mongrel instance -this should also keep and maintain a apt gem repository there are about a hundred or so gems though, so this is no miniscule task, and would also mean a small re-tool of rubygems
    -packaging subclipse (SVN plugin for eclipse) LP bug #104990 it keeps getting assigned and unassigned so I figured I'd just do it.

*In general I support Ubuntu by advocating its use to new and existing Linux users alike, supporting those users having problems using, administering, or installing Ubuntu, and by contributing software packages I feel are lacking in representation within the Ubuntu distribution. I would also like to see the Louisiana LoCo team grow in size, with just a handful of people currently, there is plenty of room for more, and I actively encourage peers to join and contribute in some way applicable.

*I'm also in the Top 20 contributors on Launchpad Answers for the past few months


Wifi Support WifiDocs

Dual Boot Information WindowsDualBootHowTo

The Ubuntu forums

The Ubuntu community support website

Freenode IRC #ubuntu

Afternet IRC #linux

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