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Northwest Indiana Ubuntu Beginners Team Mentor

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Evalyn Gossett Location

Northwest Indiana Ubuntu Beginners Team Mentor

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egossett Linux User

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About Me

My screen name is so simple. No big deal.

I have decided to use, learn and contribute to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I have installed and played around with red hat, suse, knoppix, debian, fedora and several earlier releases of ubuntu. I just did not get it. But now I totally get it.

I got so fed up with updates that I had no idea what, did I want it or not. And the interruptions when I needed to get work done. I really want my computer to serve me, and to do what I want it to do. Ubuntu gives me that feel and the potential is just awesome. Life long learning is a good thing.


I am a self taught computer user. My first computer was a Commodore 64 and I loved the bulletin boards. Of course I learn some DOS and AOL was super awesome.

Now that we have android Motorola Cliq phone, I am so amazed by the number of handheld gadgets it is replacing - music player and radio, compass, stopwatch, pedometer, heart rate monitor, exercise logs, yoga movies, calculator, camera, video maker and player, voice recorder, gps, congress, chat, newspaper feeds, shopping cart, scanner, fax, alarm clock, tv and weather and answering machine to name a few.

In addition, I like movies, music, quilting, art, and reading.

My exercise routine includes, yoga, resistance training, cardio, and swimming. I go 3x's per week.


I am a Nurse educator and feel there is a place for open source in our profession. I intend to assist with that. Of course I need to learn more about it all and how this would be possible and useful.

Ubuntu Participation

I am new to Ubuntu and the Community. But I intend to participate as much as possible.

Beginners Team

I am not a member of the Beginners Team yet. Now that I have a mentor I just need to do some work around here and prove myself. I wish to join this team because I want to contribute to the Ubuntu Community in whatever way possible.

Ubuntu Forums

egossett – joined 9 Jan 2011. I feel I could be useful with the forums support, irc support when I learn more, wiki documentation and possibly testing.

I joined these Forum social groups 1. Ubuntu lovers 2. Compiz users 3. Gnome desktop users 4. Ubuntu newbie classroom

US Local Community Team

1. #Indiana Loco

2. #Chicago Loco

3. #Cinlug

4. #Ubuntu Women

5. #Linuxchix

Internet Relay Chat

My registered IRC nickname is egossett. I am looking forward to getting to know the Ubuntu community members better through this medium. I am usually present in the following channels:

  1. #kubuntu
  2. #ubuntu
  3. #ubuntu-beginners
  4. #ubuntu-beginners-team
  5. #ubuntu-us
  6. #ubuntu-chicago
  7. #ubuntu-classroom
  8. #ubuntuforums

Goals For The Future

  1. Ubuntu Beginners Team member
  2. Assist friends and family to install and begin using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
  3. Offer assistance in the support sections of the Ubuntu forums.
  4. Learn something about Ubuntu each week. i.e irrsi or a sudo command.
  5. Offer assistance on IRC
  6. Win the Ubuntu 100 Users Project.

The Ubuntu 100 Users Project

Project Overview

Based loosely on the 100 Papercuts concept lead by David Siegel of the Design Team, this project aims to introduce Ubuntu to 100 new users in this cycle. Project team members and individuals are encouraged to each introduce Ubuntu to a new person and track that work on the team or personal wiki. The number 100 was chosen b/c it is manageable, easy to track and achievable by any dedicated team or person.

Project Design

Each team/person will create a wiki page with a table with 100 rows with the following column titles:

Sample Table

Ubuntu Mentor/Team Name

New User

Date Introduced


1. Dinda/Ubuntu for Education



Teacher and my sister, will post feedback when I have it.

2. UbuntuRockstar|individual



Luved it! can't believe they don't need virus software and that it's Free! here's a link to my blog post about it and how easy it was to install new codecs

That's it! We just want a tangible way to show progress and activity, doesn't need to be fancy or formal just help promote Ubuntu to new users and let the world know about it. Once you reach 100, then we start over or transition to another level of mentoring.

100 Users Club

For the first three individuals who introduce Ubuntu to 100 new users each, Dinda will send you an Ubuntu t-shirt! To make this fair and encourage new users to get involved I've created a group on Launchpad called the 100 Users Group. As you introduce your new users to Ubuntu they will need to create a Launchpad account and join the group. The individuals who take on this challenge will also need to have signed the Code of Conduct. The Launchpad Team can be found here:

The project officially kicks off on Monday, 14 June 2010.

Ubuntu Mentor/Team Name

New User

Date Introduced


egossett| Alvin | TBD | currently studing MSCE and other stuff windows based IT stuff. I have given him lots of distros to try on VM and given him 2 computers for his kids that he can put Ubuntu.|

egossett| Denise | TBD | she depends on me for troubleshooting her computer. So I will probably win this user over to Ubuntu. |

egossett| Butch | TBD | currently providing lots of links to sites that explain how to use Ubuntu. seems interested but not ready to convert. |

egossett| Quita | TBD | Planning to install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on an old laptop for her.|

egossett| Town of Burnham | TBD | Discussing installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on the village machines.|

egossett| Brian | TBD | Resistant at this time because he is an iPhone junky and says that Ubuntu and Linux will not support the iPhone.|



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