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'''Druapl Tunisia'''
  * Ubuntu & Drupal install day 13.11: 16/11/2013
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 * SMC event sousse  * Blogging & Soccial Media Event ~ Sousse: 12/01/2013

About Me

Linux user since April 2007, Mandrake to Mandriva and Ubuntu user since May 2007. I joined Ubuntu-tn after a year as regular member then on August 2011, I joined the provisional team to become the events team coordinator.

On April 2012 the latter has been confirmed during an Ubuntu-tn physical meeting.

My main goal is to promote Ubuntu and FOSS in Tunisia, with a focus on Tunisian universities.

Being an active member in LoCo helped me to improve my skills and meet awesome people, who later on became dear friends.

I also found my present job (SysAdmin) thanks to a fellow Ubuntu-tn member.

Contact details



  • Events Team coordinator since August 2011.

  • Administrator of Ubuntu-tn Management Committee team in Launchpad. This team is reserved to the members of the elected Loco Team Management Committee.
  • Administrator of ubuntu-tn-users team in Launchpad. This team is open for all Tunisian ubuntu users.
  • I actively participated to mounting the ubuntu Tunisian local community with my presence in the irc channel, advertising the team in other FOSS Tunisian teams and clubs, support new users of Ubuntu in our FB groupe and page.
  • I was also present during many events which I helped during the preparations:

    • Education Freedom Day Tunisia 14.01: 19/01/2014
    • Ubuntu & Drupal install day 13.11: 16/11/2013

    • Software Freedom Day 12.10: 27/10/2013
    • GNU 30: 28-29/09/2013
    • Global Jam 13.03: 01-03/03/2013
    • Software Freedom Day 12.09: 15/09/2012
    • TIME UNIVERSITÉ 12.04 ~ Tunis: 21/04/2012
    • Nawaat Hackerspace physical meeting 12.01: 29/01/2012
    • École nationale d'ingénieurs de Gabès 11.11: 19-20/11/2011
    • Software Freedom Day 11.09: 17/09/2011
    • ISSAT Sousse physical meeting 11.07: 16/07/2011
    • TYPO3 presentation 11.07: 06/07/2011
    • ISIT'COM Hammam Sousse 11.04: 16/04/2011
    • ISIM Monastir 10.10: 23/10/2010
    • École Polytechnique Privée de Sousse 10.04: 17/04/2010
    • Institut Supérieur des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie de Sousse (ISSATSo) 10.03: 05/03/2010


I was also present during other events organized by Tunisian communities and associations


  • Migration vers le Logiciel Libre ~ Quelques projets pilotes: 13/12/2013
  • meshSayada: 7-8/11/2013 & 14-15/11/2013

Druapl Tunisia

  • Ubuntu & Drupal install day 13.11: 16/11/2013

Social Media Club Tunisia

  • Blogging & Soccial Media Event ~ Sousse: 12/01/2013

Wikipedia Tunisia

  • Wiki Loves Monuments Ceremony ~ Sousse: 23/11/2013

Future involvement

  • Being more and more involved in the Ubuntu-tn LoCo

  • Prepare events with Ubuntu-tn


  • Ubuntu Anis is one of my best friends that I have met in Ubuntu-TN in the beginning of 2010. He is the ultimate Ubuntu geek that supports Ubuntu in every way possible. During last three years he has organised many events and gathered Ubuntu-TN members to keep in touch and keep up the good work. I recommend his approval as an official member as he creates a very active FLOSS dynamic in the Tunisian Team and helps promoting Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu Anis is an active member in our LoCo team. he coordinated the organization almost all our last three years events. He help many people on ML, IRC, Forum and Facebook. it's natural that I recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member.

    Ubuntu Anis is one of the most active members in Ubuntu-tn LoCo team. As a member of the Management Committee he has the difficult task of coordinating the planning and the organization of our different events across all Tunisia. The success of these events is proof that Anis is working effectively. His contribution to our community is important and I highly recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member.

    Ubuntu I know Anis there is a while, I participate with him in a lot of events and he was very active, helpful and smart. Nowadays he is one of the most active members of ubuntu-tn loco team. I recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member.

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