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Entanio (Ashley Russell)

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Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

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About Me

I have to admit, I have no idea where my username comes from. When I was playing Mafia MMORPGs a couple of years back, I needed a username the would be remember-able and so 'Entanio' was born. Stuck with it ever since.

I first found Ubuntu when I started web development around 6 years ago and needed a LAMP box. Since then more and more Ubuntu PCs have found there way into my house with ever expanding capabilities and functions.

I enjoy programming quite a bit and I am fluent in PHP, HTML and CSS. Currently, I am trying to learn C++ and am making good progress.


I have adopted a few activities in my social life. First would be karate which I started when I was 10 years old and have continued ever since. And second would scouting.

When at home, normal activity (when not programming or revising for exams) is gaming. I have a love of the Grand Theft Auto games and have every one (minus a few minor editions). I also enjoy watching police dramas, mysteries and Monty Python.


I'm a student. Plain and simple.


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