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Elias Epirotes




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  • I want to continue contributing both as a moderator at the Greek Ubuntu Community forum (http://forum.ubuntu-gr.org/index.php) and as a translator in launchpad.

  • I plan to become more active in the local Ioannina Linux User Group (ILUG)

Self-remarks: I have been introduced to ubuntu by a friend after much arguing. I started with 7.10 and a year later I got seriously involved in the Greek Community forum, where I eventually (2010) became a moderator. In 2009 I got involved in translations in launchpad. I strive to help out members with problems as much as I can.

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ID Link: http://launchpad.net/~epirotes. Karma: 522 https://launchpad.net/~epirotes/+karma

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Noted past activity:


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My name is Dimitrios - Georgios Kontopoulos and my nickname is evolgen. I know Elias from the Ubuntu-gr forum, where he serves the community as a moderator. He is always helpful, patient and polite to everyone and has helped me many a time. The way he offers his knowledge and help to the community is an excellent example of application of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. evolgen

My name is Konstantinos Spalas(konnn).Elias Epirotes is an active person in Greek Ubuntu forum.The last two years serves forum not only as a simple member but as a moderator,too.His linux knowledge is pretty deep and he wills to help anybody who faces any problem.I think that his ability in translating helps introducing Ubuntu in Greece.

Hi! My name is Savvas Radevic (medigeek). Elias is actively participating at the ubuntu-gr forum. If you look at his posts you'll see many notices to forum newcomers, explaining the required steps to help resolve their issue. Being a moderator, I noticed Elias to cut, paste, merge and delete posts (as required). Always improving the quality of the forum and always helping to categorize threads properly! All in all, a priceless member of the Ubuntu Greek community. medigeek

I am Simos Xenitellis (Ubuntu Member). I have known Elias for the last three years as a co-moderator at the Ubuntu-gr forum. He is one of the star contributors of the forum that manages to create a friendly environment for newcomers to ask questions and get quality support. The forum is approaching 8,000 members and his continued work is much needed. He helped during our recent translation marathon, and we achieved 97% translation completeness for Ubuntu 11.04. simosx

My name is Manolis Ellinas (nick ALdaperan) and i know Elias (epirotes) from the Greek Ubuntu community . Epirotes does a great job to the community as a moderator . Epirotes also offers his knowledge to new members and help them with their issues . He has helped me also a lot of times. Thank you Elias, Keep up the good work Smile :)

I am Michael Kotsarinis and I am involved in our community as LoCo contact. Elias is one of our most active members offering his help in many areas and guiding many new users in their first steps in Ubuntu. I will not repeat the people who wrote before me I 'll just add that I on a personal basis I really enjoy his insightful posts in out forum.