I'm a french 25 years old digital designer. Really impressed by ubuntu, i use this distribution since the beginning of hoary and decided to get involved helping users, writing guides and archiving usefull informations.

Here is the link to my launchpad profile :

Here is the link to my profile on ubuntuforums :

Involvement in Ubuntu

Since june 2005 i provide daily support through (more than 2000 posts), I also wrote some guides on different topics like FTP servers, iptables firewall, ... Here are some of them :

Since may 2006 i'm one of the moderators of the site, i help to maintain a clean forum and discuss with other forum staff members of things to improve/change ...

On the the other hand i'm strongly involved in the Ubuntu Document Storage Facility project :

I help to maintain the site, write some templates when it's needed, train archivers and archive guides generated by the forum on the site. I strongly believe in the UDSF project and how it helps users, it provides another way to get useful documentation for ubuntu and take advantages of the forum and its knowledgable users. In addition this work benefits also the official wiki now since the creation of a new team (a sub team of the doc team) which transfert good guides from the forum and the UDSF to the official wiki, here is the link to the launchpad team :

If you don't know the UDSF project here is the link to the site :

I'm, in general, interested in providing support and documentation for the ubuntu users.

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