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I am retired from the digital pre-press business as a consultant and service bureau owner. Was there for the start of high-end drum scanners, Rips and image setters using Macintosh with Desktop publishing based software It was the late 1980's thru the mid 1990's it was really an exciting time with something new and better coming out every month. I had to retire early with coronary problems or I would still be in there doing the good fight, I miss it everyday.

Ubuntu linux has helped me keep my mind active and filled an empty spot left from not being done with my work. Everyday I make sure I learn something new in Ubuntu Linux and help someone new. I get great satisfaction out of helping a user fix a specific problem. I spend some long sessions most everyday in the Forum and what I do learn I put into practical experience not just a side note to pass on. There are certain users you learn in time to pay full attention because you will learn something. Most all of them are Ubuntu Members and I desire to be their associate.

Passion is Ubuntu Linux: Enjoyments are: College football, NFL Pro football, NBA Basketball, Horse Racing and Texas Hold-em.

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I believe I have spent many hours of many days in these Ubuntu Forums learning and giving the best advice that I possibly can. I want the new user to feel comfortable in the Forums and be able to feel like they belong here. The time spent in these Forums has helped the Ubuntu Forums become if only in a small way the best in the Linux community.

Future Goals

My Future goals in the Ubuntu family is to stick to the Forum and help there as much as possible. I would be honored to help out in the beginner area team one day. I do believe I can help in that area and have the patience and knowledge to be of value there. I would like to just be able to help where I can and be a part of the Ubuntu community.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

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