John Doll



About Me

I started using Kubuntu about 3 years ago at the suggestion of an associate at my favorite second hand computer store. It was my first exposure to a Linux distribution and I loved it. Down the road I decided I wanted to experience the Gnome interface and have been using Ubuntu for about a year. I've experimented quite a bit with the desktops and apps, but haven't spent much time under the hood yet. I just had to work with ndswrapper a little the first time I set-up wireless; then when I switched computers and tried to install Windows for the rest of the family after Ubuntu I had fun fixing grub. I'm looking to give back a little by joining the BugSquad. I'm currently reviewing the documentation and putting the information in place to request a mentor.


I've spent most of my time experimenting with the music apps. Rhytmbox, Audacity, SoundConverter, Sound Juicer, LilyPond, and RoseGarden. It would be great to hear any success stories of Mythbuntu as a DVR.

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