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===== Organized by me ===== ===== Organized and participation =====
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 * Release parties: [[|11.04]], [[|11.10]], [[|12.04]] , [[|12.10]] & [[|13.10]]  * Release parties: [[|11.04]], [[|11.10]], [[|12.04]] , [[|12.10]], [[|13.10]], [[|14.04]]
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 * Ubuntu booth at [[|Fosscommn 2014]]
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== Testimonials ==
Please add your testimonials here ([[|edit]]) :)

Personal Information


George Christofis




Greek, English


geochr22 at gmail dot com


geochr @ Freenode

Launchpad Page

Wiki Page

My little story with ubuntu

It was a cold, dark and rainy night of November '10... My computer was needed formating but i didn't want to install windows again... So i decided to say "no" in windows! In the same night i was searching on internet about Linux distros in Greek language. Reading articles and comments i realized that ubuntu was an easy OS and with a very active community and probably was fitted to my needs. The next day i made a registration on ubuntu-gr forum, in order to find information (as noob) for installation ubuntu on my system. After a few days later and while i had read a tutorial on ubuntu-gr forum, a took a back up of my personal files and i download the ubuntu on my disk... i burnt a cd and goodbye windows... Since then i run ubuntu and only!


Contribution in community

Ubuntu LoCo contact of Ubuntu Greece since March 2012

Ubuntu Translator in Ubuntu Greek translators team since January 2012

Ubuntu Moderator in ubuntu-gr forum since September 2011

Ubuntu Coordinator on Ubuntistas magazine (the magazine of ubuntu-gr community)

Events with community

Organized and participation

  • Fosscommn 2013, presenting the ubuntu-gr community

  • Tech Kids Day, presenting the ubuntu, education applications and the community of ubuntu-gr
  • Present ubuntu-gr in a technology meet up at the Municipality of Koropi
  • Participation on booth at Openfest 2011


Please add your testimonials here (edit) Smile :)

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