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Gladex - Code Generator for Glade

Gladex is a program written in Python that takes a Glade XML file and generates code. Gladex currently supports Perl, Python, and Ruby output. Gladex 0.3.3 will also support Ruby output.


Stable version 0.2

Development version 0.3.1


You can download an i386 deb from Double-click this file to install.

You can download Gladex source code and any available package from Launchpad (

Road to Gladex 0.6

Gladex 0.6 aims to make using glade even easer. Gladex 0.5 will continue working toward the goal of finding all the little scripts to generate code with Glade and make an equivalent in Gladex. Gladex 0.6 also will be able to run code like tepachae from its GUI interface. Gladex 0.5 will be the development series leading to Gladex 0.6.

  • Features
    • project files
    • prefrence dialog
    • hard code output
    • required lib detector
    • complete command line interface
  • Design concepts to consider
    • GUI
    • plugins - Since the code for each plugin is almost the same, we should come up with a new way to make the built in plugins (python, perl, ruby).
    • file structure
  • Development
    • maping glade xml to hard code gtk widgets
    • using GNOME gconf
    • detecting required libs
    • CLI tools

Hints and Tips

Other applications you may wish to look at

Glade - This is the program used to design an GUI and produce the XML Glade file. From the website, "Glade is a RAD tool to enable quick & easy development of user interfaces for the GTK+ toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment, released under the GNU GPL License."

Further Reading

GladexHowto - Tutorial on how to use Gladex. - The Gladex Development site on


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