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Easy configuration utility for GNOME, similar to what is found in KDE. This user asked about a theme maker for GNOME.


Making GNOME themes is rather difficult. It would be nice to have an easy way to change the color of the text on the panels, the background colors or menus when highlighted and unhighlighted, etc. It is easy to customize the colors of practically everything in KDE, and even in Windows it is easier than it is with GNOME.

Use cases

  • User has a different WM (Beryl or Compiz, for instance) and so uses the themer from that WM to set the colors on the windows. GNOME still controls the colors on the GNOME menu, though, so changing those colors can't happen without installing a new theme.
  • User found a theme close to what he/she wants, but it isn't "just right." User doesn't know how to make themes, so creating one from scratch is out of the question. The "close" theme should be editable.
  • User wants to make themes and has great ideas for them, but doesn't know how to implement it. A GUI would make it easy.


Utility would allow user to set:

  • Window edge color
  • Window title bar font, font size, and font color
  • Menu highlight color
  • GNOME panel text color

It would also have an "export" button for exporting new themes to be posted on sites like




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