What is it?

The goetveld package enables Go programs to interact with the Rietveld code review server.

It was developed within Canonical so that some projects can make use of Rietveld for managing code reviews of Bazaar branches in Launchpad.

API documentation

The API documentation is currently available at:


To make use of goetveld, just run the following command:

$ goinstall launchpad.net/goetveld/rietveld

And then import "launchpad.net/goetveld/rietveld" in your Go source code.


The following example will create a new issue and send the difference between the two Bazaar branches for review.

        delta, err := rietveld.BazaarDiffBranches(parentPath, branchPath)
        if err != nil {

        issue := &rietveld.Issue{
                Subject: "Change subject",
                Description: "The change description.",

        err = rietveld.CodeReview.SendDelta(issue, delta)
        if err != nil {

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs at:

Running tests

To run tests, first install gocheck with:

$ goinstall launchpad.net/gocheck

Then run gotest as usual:

$ gotest


goetveld is licensed under the LGPLv3 with an additional exception allowing static linkage.

See the LICENSE file for details.


To get in touch, send a message to <gustavo.niemeyer@canonical.com>.

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