Contact Information

- eMail: vincenzo.ampolo@gmail.com
- IRC: goshawk on Freenode
- Jabber: vincenzo.ampolo@gmail.com

About Me

  • Name: Vincenzo Ampolo (aka goshawk)
  • Born 1987 in Italy, living in Milan since 2006.

  • Languages: Italian and English.
  • GNU/Linux user since 2000 starting with mandrake 8.2 (now mandriva), then red hat and then debian for 4 years. From 3 years i'm using ubuntu for both servers and desktops.
  • Websites: Italian blog, English blog


Development Skills

I started programming in C at 14, doing a little irc bot called Karrarmato. At 15/16 years old i learned C++ and developed splashy, when it was ported to C, i left the project leadership. At 18 i learned python and i focused on web applications developing with pylons

At 20 years old i discovered the D programming language and i'm working for it's integration in ubuntu with my packages.

Wiki Pages


Ubuntu Case Study: PortSeguro translated from Italian to English.


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