Hello all,

My name is Ron. I got my first computer, a Ti 99 4a in 1981 and that started a life long interest in computers. My first experiences with Linux was Open SUSE in 1997 and Debian in 1999. In 2008 I tried Ubuntu and have been using different variations of Ubuntu ever since. I joined AZLOCO in 2013 attending install fests and taking on more responsibilities. I now chair the club meetings on the first Sunday of each month and help maintain the BBB server. I have been a college student since 2015 studying computer engineering and promoting Ubuntu and FOSS on campus.



  • Member Launchpad since 03 October 2013
  • Member Ubuntu-Arizona Local Community Team since 03 October 2013.

    • Is active on the AZLOCO Team IRC site #ubuntu-us-az assisting members with problems and questions
    • Attends the weekly AZLOCO Team IRC meetings
    • Has chaired the weekly AZLOCO Team IRC meetings
    • Participates in the semi-monthly AZLOCO/PLUG istallation festivals
    • Acts as co-administrator for the Team Big Blue Button server which is used for Team weekly meetings and is planned to be used to conduct presentations at remote locations through out the state.
  • Member Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG)
    • Is active on the PLUG IRC site #plugaz
  • Led a study group on my Ubuntu 14.04 Big Blue Button server during the Spring 2015 semester.
  • Installed a Linux Operating System on about 20 computers in the last three years. Most were Xubuntu and the remainder were Lubuntu.
  • Lectured on How To Build A Virtual Box Ubuntu 16.04 VM and How To Use It during the Spring semester of 2018.
  • Scheduled to conduct two to four programming classes on How to Build A Virtual Box Ubuntu 18.04 VM and How To Use It during the next semester.
  • Routinely builds and maintains Linux firewalls and networks.
  • Installed and maintained Linux/Ubuntu Operating Systems on the computers of family and friends.
  • Runs software defined network on a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu server.


  • Present a positive role model in the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community.
  • Help increase the Ubuntu Community in general and AZLOCO in particular.
  • Continue to educate the public about the benefits of Ubuntu Linux.
  • Continue to live by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.


I have known Ron Ash for about three years. He has taken on additional responsibilities within the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team and accomplished them with professionalism. He enjoys discussing problems and possible solutions to them. His knowledge of Linux/Foss/Ubuntu and willingness to share that knowledge with others is well known among his Team members. In addition to his accomplishments within the Team, he has taken it upon himself to spread Ubuntu to his family, friends, and acquaintances both in Arizona and California. He is well worthy the honor of becoming a Ubuntu Member.

Rex Bouwense, AZLOCO Team member, Ubuntu Member

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