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Hi everyone

If you see me on the IRC Channel start a discussion with me, I LOVE those! These are some topics I'm into:

  • Ethics in technology, and the ethical systems that result from open source
  • multimedia technology: p2ptv, video RSS, and how people interact with it
  • Politics: hint: I can't wait for the US to have a Woman president
  • Theoretical Math: It's what I wasted most of my college education on
  • Religion: How it applies to our daily lives, how it changes with society and technology
    • Fellow Catholics who use Ubuntu: we should chat Smile :-)

  • DRM: how it works, why, why not, where it's going, who's doing it, who isn't, etc.
  • Travel: I love to travel, to hear stories, share stories, learn new things


  • Which editor is better
  • Which Distro is better
  • Hardware: I just don't care
  • Gaming: it's boring and a waste of time


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