Email: <hikaricore@gmail.com>


For the last few years I've been posting and assisting on the Ubuntu Forums mostly in the Gaming and WINE forums.

I began using Ubuntu starting with Dapper sometime in 2005, at that time I wasn't even aware of the existence of the Ubuntu forums. I had been using various Linux distributions for years but never really found one that I found easy to maintain as well as great to use. Around the end of 2006 I joined the forums and shortly after began helping as I could and posting information about new games release from various Linux gaming sites, I guess at the time I caught the attention of compiledkernel and AI. I was invited to join the UGA (Ubuntu Gamers Arena) where we would post news and information on Linux games on the Ubuntu Forums as well as a separate site. I kept up posting news and such on UGA while still providing what answers and assistance to the Ubuntu Forums, sometime around this point I was invited to join as forum staff. I've been doing my best for the duration of this time to the present to keep the forums clean and provide support to our members and hope to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.



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