About Me

I am a Ubuntu user since KUbuntu 5.10. I was surprised at the desktop user friendliness in Kubuntu. Although Microsoft Windows was still the major desktop operating system, I still like the simplicity of Ubuntu 6.06. Besides, I am an user in Ubuntu community. It's great to be part of the people who help improve the software quality of Ubuntu.

My interest in Ubuntu

Why Ubuntu? I've tried RedHat, Gentoo, Mandriva, and uClinux. Each distribution has its own focus. RedHat is like Windows 2000 data center for enterprise users. Gentoo is for people who'd like to have the ultimate control over the system regardless of the time spent working on it. Ubuntu satisfies my needs because it provides a simple system with 1 CD and great flexibility, so you can install all the other packages after the initial installation.


  • I am 'thehil' at irc.freenode.net
  • Email me at freehil@gmail.com

  • AIM me at 'allhilbert'

My Current Involvement

Bugs I've found, features I've requested, and code I've investigated:



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