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My name is "Hund". I'm an avid GNU/Linux user and I've been active in the Swedish Ubuntu LoCo since 2007.


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Cheers from yeager

Johan has been active in the swedish LoCo for a long, long time. He always have time to help out with various issues, support, designing new websites, etc. He is a source of inspiration for the whole community.

I can't say enough how I want to see this collegue and friend as an official Ubuntu member. He deserves it better than most people :-).

Hello from Little John

The long time member and current administrator, Hund, has distinguished himself time after time in the swedish Ubuntu LoCo. Alongside his administrative duties he's working support almost around the clock, focusing on beginners, and overall making an outstanding effort. Hund, if anyone, fully deserve to be presented the title of an official Ubuntu member.

Best regards from Sweden

Little John Smile :)

Endorsment from Mekaniserad Apelsin/Blippe/Robbin Henryson

As LJ and yeager points out: Johan has been a rock with helping beginners to find a home in ubuntu, spending more time than I thought were humanly possible to write guides and helping out in the forums. As a moderator/administrator he has always kept a cool head and has kept the web-based swedish loco running for years now.

Johan is Ubuntu, and fully deserves the title "Member of Ubuntu".

Endorsment from upnorth

Hund as I know him has as told above worked pretty much tirelessly through the developement of Ubuntu in Sweden. Demonstrating a very stable mind through the many rough paths of the LoCo, he has been one of the few rocks to count on for sensible choices and putting the beginners in front.

I've been part of the swedish LoCo from the release of 7.04.

Endorsement from Lars

I can just confirm what others have already said. Johan is one of the most active members in the Swedish LoCo, and has been for a long time. He never seems to grow tired of helping out both individuals and the community as a whole. // larslj

Endorsement from Ulsak

I fully agree with the testimonials above. Johans contributions to make Linux and Ubuntu available for new users are invaluable. He has not just explained the basics but even raised the standards to make user experience enjoyable for the ubuntu-users in Sweden. His site Lathund is one the most important sources to news, support and features regarding Ubuntu Linux. I regard him as one of my valuable and resourceful online friends// ulsak


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