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== What is iFolder? ==

According to the [http://www.ifolder.com iFolder Wiki]:

''iFolder is a file sharing solution for workgroup and enterprise environments. Using the iFolder client, users can share mutiple directories of files across a local area network with other users. Using the iFolder client coupled with either the iFolder Enterprise Server or Simple Server users can share across the internet with other users.''

To break that down, iFolder is:

 * An application for sharing and backing up folders over several machines
 * A project sponsored by [http://www.novell.com Novell]
 * An application written in [http://www.go-mono.com Mono] C#
 * A very useful application if you have a laptop or several machines!

Yes, there are other solutions which have existed but iFolder is very simple with an user to use front end. The current features of iFolder are:

 * Workgroup Sharing - You can share files between several computers without needing a sever
 * Enterprise Sharing - All files are stored on a server and synchronized between many computers
 * Works on Mac OS X and Windows as well as many Linux distributions
 * Gaim Intergration
 * Nautilus Intergration
 * Obviously, a Open Source project. However, the non-free database backend used for storing information is not Open Source which restricts it from being included with Ubuntu. A new backend which is Open Source compliant is being written.

== Server or Peer to Peer? ==

There are two ways to use iFolder, Server Mode or Bonjour Peer to Peer (P2P) mode. The advantages and disadvantages are:

=== Server Mode ===

 * + Backs up all files to central location
 * + Faster and more stable than P2P mode
 * - Can not run Client and Server on same machine
 (I am running a Client and Server on the same machine, so that statement might not be true anymore)

=== Peer to Peer Mode ===

 * + No server required
 * - Very experimental
 * - Machines depend on each other
 * - Doesn't back up files to central point

Generally, it is better to use Server Mode as the code is tested but if you have no server available, Peer to Peer is the best.

== Using iFolder Client ==

=== From Packages ===

There are no packages available at the moment. Work is being made to have packages available for Dapper Drake which may be backported to Breezy. Building the bits is quite easy.

=== From Source (Recommended) ===
You can find out how to build iFolder and Simias from ["Building_iFolder"]

== Using iFolder Server ==

=== From Source (Recommended) ===

You can find out how to build iFolder and Simias from ["BuildingSimpleServer"]

== Use iFolder Peer to Peer ==

=== From Source ===

See the ["iFolderPeer2Peer"] page for information on building Bonjour sharing
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