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== What is iFolder? ==

iFolder is file sharing solution for backing up and duplicating files across several machines. It can work in a small workgroup or a larger environment. It is very simple to install, configure and use.

== Installation and Configurtion ==

To configure an iFolder environment, you need both a server and a client. The server runs the iFolder Enterprise Server software which hosts all the files and controls the clients. The client connects to the server to access, backup and download iFolders.

    * ["iFolderClient"]
    * ["iFolderEnterpriseServer"]

Thanks must go to [http://www.sourceguru.net Martin] and [http://www.whiprush.org Jorge] for packaging, hosting and supporting iFolder on Ubuntu.

== Using iFolder ==

== Help ==

    * #ifolder on irc.gimp.org is a good place to start. I'm usually on there as sebpayne to help.
    * The [http://www.ifolder.com iFolder Wiki] is a good place to start for documentation
    * [http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/maillist/?group_id=1372 iFolder Mailing Lists]

#REFRESH 0 http://help.ubuntu.com/community/iFolder

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