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'''Email:'''; ibirdboy AT gmail DOT com '''Email:''' ibirdboy AT gmail DOT com
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'''Name:'''; ibirdboy '''Name:''' ibirdboy
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'''Education:'''; Bachelor (Studying) ปี3 คร้าบ
                Public Administration
                Management Sciences Faculty
                Prince of Songkhla University
'''Education:''' Bachelor (Studying) ปี3 คร้าบ
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'''Location:'''; Hatyai,Songkhla,Thailand                  Public Administration
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'''Email:'''; ibirdboy[at]gmail[dot]com                  Management Sciences Faculty
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'''Website:'''; http://www.ibirdboy.co.nr
                 Prince of Songkhla University
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'''All I want for Today is You (Who)'''; '''Location:''' Hatyai,Songkhla,Thailand

'''Email:''' ibirdboy[at]gmail[dot]com

'''Website:''' http://www.ibirdboy.co.nr

'''IRC:''' ibirdboy

             on #ubuntu-th

             on network irc.freenode.net

'''All I want for Today is You (Who)'''

ibirdboy's Profile

Email: ibirdboy AT gmail DOT com ubuntu is the best...

Name: ibirdboy

Date of Birth:; Sep 11, 1986

Education: Bachelor (Studying) ปี3 คร้าบ

  • Public Administration Management Sciences Faculty Prince of Songkhla University

Location: Hatyai,Songkhla,Thailand

Email: ibirdboy[at]gmail[dot]com

Website: http://www.ibirdboy.co.nr

IRC: ibirdboy

  • on #ubuntu-th on network irc.freenode.net

All I want for Today is You (Who)



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