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Md. Iftikhar Hossain

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Doha, Qatar

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Md. Iftikhar Hossain

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iftitutul on iftitutul.freenode.net

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Engineer Iftikhar

About Me

My screen name is iftikhar-tutul.

My real name is Md. Iftikhar Hossain

I have started Ubuntu from 10.04 Distro. I love Ubuntu but wish to work with the LTS to learn more and to assist others.

I am a member of Ubuntu Qatar Loco Team. I am trying to spread Ubuntu in Qatar in different ways. I'm continuously participating all Ubuntu Qatar events and meetings. There we provide support to users and making plans to spread Ubuntu. I've converted several windows users to Ubuntu and they are also actively participating in all Ubuntu Qatar Events.


I'm the Third person joined in Ubuntu Qatar LoCo Team and converted by Shahnoor Ashraf (our team Admin). I always encourage my friends and giving them full support continuously. I'm living in Qatar. I'm always informing and promoting Ubuntu for their daily use, showing them how they can use Ubuntu on their professional and Personal life.

I'm very active in our Ubuntu Qatar Facebook Group


I am an IT Professional with the experiences of Network Administration.Career History and Work Experience

Industrial Commercial Constancy House (1995- 1997) monitoring and Making sure stocks were stored in an excellent and healthy condition. Producing weekly statistics reports about in stock and out stock goods and making sure they were delivered on time. Working in Modern Computer Home Center In Computer Teacher and Maintenance – Engineer (All IBM Computer And IBM Computer And HP Printers Hardware and Software 1999- 2006) Research and Study Center In sha. Ali

  • El Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Al-Thani Public Library (working under new management team and working towards achieving and implementing policies and marking sure new policies and procedures had been applied accordingly , search Islam Subject in the Internet , Make Data to Awqaf webpage.Islamweb.net

Foundation work in Mubarak Al-Ahmad Al-Trading & Contracting Co. engineer oldest computer networks to support team work program and development of work flow systems and data and systems development team do I define Ubuntu systems in how to develop work flow in various fields of office

My Ubuntu Participation

Advocating for Ubuntu, Converting friends, Spreading Ubuntu, Helping others to operate Ubuntu. I'm contributing in translating Documentation e.g. translating wiki content in Arabic and other translation.

Qatari Local Community Team

I'm an Ubuntu activist for our Qatari LoCo Team. To have a significant amount of Ubuntu LoCo Team Member I'm convincing computer users as per the Ubuntu guidance.

Goals For The Future

  1. Continue to get Friends and Family trying Ubuntu
  2. Continue to attract people on Qatari LoCo Team as well as Ubuntu

  3. Introduce Ubuntu in a mass scale
  4. Taking Ubuntu in a big competition with other operating systems in the market
  5. Setup an Ubuntu Based Net Cafe



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