Codename : Inashdeen

  • Hi, I am Ihsan. Call me Inashdeen

Connectivity : Muhammad Ihsan Khalib Jaafar : : inashdeen[at] : inashdeen : inashdeen

Who Am I?

Final year medical student. From Malaysia. An IT hard head. I can work with anyone as long as you cooperate.

Current Linux Use

OS : Ubuntu 14.04 Flavoured with Pinguy OS customization

I don't understand why on earth problems still occur after waking up my computer from sleep. Can someone fix this issue?

OS : Phoenix OS 3

Main Contributions

1. Founder of Jawi Keyboard for Ubuntu


2.Deputy head translator for Malay translation at Ubuntu Malay Translator


3.Founder of Malaysia's Teen Linux Group (Remaja Linux Malaysia ).


4. Ubuntu Linux Winter Campaign, Egypt.


Other Contributions:

1. Ex-admin of Ubuntu Malaysia Loco Team Facebook page

2. Member of Ubuntu marketing team

3. Member of both Ubuntu Malaysia Loco Team and Ubuntu-eg

4. Member of Ubuntu beginners team

5. Member of Ubuntu Manual Team

6. Active Ubuntu Forums member who loves to answer enquiries, asking questions and participate in games

7. Active Answer provider on Malaysian Ubuntu Forum

8. Bugs reporter in

9. A Loco Mentee

Non-Ubuntu contributions:

1.Ex-Team Manager for Revamp OS.

2. Relinux logo designer.

3. Founder of the now deprecated Open Book database. It is a linux book indexer.

3. Programmer of Lexa download manager. It is the GUI for Axel. I abandon the project since Jdownloader is now available for Ubuntu.

4. Programmer of the now deprecated patch project for Zekr .

What do I do

1. Deputy head translator for malay language, : my task is to translate and structure a systematic method for the translation. I rewrote the wiki for the reference of new translator.

I created an alpha version of a Malay translation database to gather standard words that we will use in our translation. Once the database is matured, it is planned that it will be placed in the wiki to make it our primary reference for newer translations, especially for junior translators.

I created a log book to compare the performance between translator to improve competitive spirit among translator. I once managed to grap 6992 karma as a translator.

2. Founder and head admin for Malaysia's Teen Linux Group, : Remaja Linux Malaysia is an infotainment media to provide young linux user with better knowledge and understanding about Linux. Started as a facebook page , it now has its own website.

3. Actively engaged in Ubuntu Malaysia Loco Team since 2010, I was appointed to Ubuntu Malaysia Loco Group Admin in 2012-2013. My daily task involves as simple as answering questions to removing spam and irrelevant content from the group.

4. Linux Winter Campaign is a project I started in Egypt to promote Linux to Malaysian students who are currently studying in egypt. I distribute free copies of Ubuntu and Linux Installation CD to fellow student and provide small tutor classes to help them learn about their new system.

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5. Revamplinux Project serves as a complementary project to Linux Winter Campaign. Revamplinux is an all-in Ubuntu based system which is beautiful and contains important softwares for daily use. It aims to attract new user to try out Linux without having to go through rigor of installing multiple softwares.

6. The idea of a Jawi keyboard Layout came about when a Ubuntu loco Malaysia member requested on our facebook page to anyone who are kind enough to built a Jawi (traditional malay) keyboard layout for Ubuntu. Jawi writings are used widely in religious school, several textbooks and older manuscript and hence it serve as a good item to promote Linux to new user. starting with version 0.5.7, The batton has been passed on to another maintainer which now provides two version of the Keyboard; phonetics & standard for the benefits of user.

Future Aim and Goals (now is a past tense)

Short Term:

1. To push the translation team to finish 50% of the total unfinished translation by July 31st 2012.

2. To propose the following in the next Loco meeting:

a) To form a Skuad Muda Team (Young Linux User) which will assist fellow elder Ubuntu users in the following field:

  • i ) Young translator : Protege for the translation team ii ) Wiki writer : Find potential young journalist among Teen Ubuntu users iii) Secretarial : Aid loco secretary in secretarial task iv ) Welcome team : A new branch under Ubuntu loco which assist new Malaysian Ubuntu user to register for Launchpad, Ubuntuforums, Wiki, Loco forums, and open id.

b) To form software builder division under the translation branch which will perform the following task:

  • i ) Team A (I hope I can head) will produce a database containing predefined text which will be used in the translation machine
  • ii) Team B will produce a software to help in translation (auto translator) using the database build by team A.

3. Reaching my own goal of 30,000 Karma by end of the year.

4. Improve my bash capabilities

5. Become an Ubuntu member. I applied on 11th July 2012, and was denied. Here is the meeting log.

Long Term

1. Lobby the Education Malaysia Egypt office of Embassy of Malaysia to make Linux Winter campaign an official program under the student council ICT unit. In this plan, we will held a Linux Fiesta inside the embassy and may invite ubuntu-eg for the talks

2. Broaden Jawi Keyboard Layout project to support KDE, XFCE, and LXDE as well as building package for Fedora, Chakra Linux and other Linux OSses.

3. Learn C or Python (Planning to take a diploma in programming)

5. Aid other Ubuntu translators to gain 5000 karma each.

6. Help other member to become Ubuntu member.

7. Build a strong Malaysian student Linux community here in Egypt by providing classes on how to use Linux and guide new users to engage in more Linux and Ubuntu activities

Ubuntu and Linux in my own eyes

I look at Ubuntu and Linux as a great tool to materialize the Free and Open source principle, and this time round making end user as a target. Looking at things in the eye of a non programmer, I strongly believe that there is 1001 ways to make Ubuntu simpler and easier so that even new user can easily adapt to it. I strongly disagree with people who always show user the "hard way", CLI, etc. , when the GUI is simply available. I try my best with my limited knowledge to build GUIs for Linux apps I build and make them user-friendly as much as it can be.


1. Name : Anonymous Meerkat ( 27 June 2012)

Comment: Ihsan has help me enormously throughout the year. Without him, Relinux would have not been anywhere close to where it is now. Apart from the logo, he also helped me with ideas and a website, among other things. I fully support his ubuntu membership request.

2. Name: Ahmed Toulan thelinuxer ( 27 June 2012)

Comment: Ihsan is Malaysian but currently living in Egypt. He joined our group and showed strong dedication. He's active on our facebook group (our most active channel at the moment), followed the mailing list (and even asked for translation when the emails were in Arabic Smile :) ), and joined us in our release parties. It was really nice meeting him. He also tried to recruite a few people for his project (Revamp OS). I sure hope he becomes an Ubuntu Member.

3.Name: ApogEE (10 July 2012)

Comment: I knew him when he first started joining our Facebook group few years ago. Always very active, he tries to help other people in anyway they can. Last year, under my mentoring , he ventured in the translation team, making this his main focus in helping out Ubuntu. During his time in ubuntu translator, he has brought many changes to improve the translator team. I strongly support his application for ubuntu membership and believe he would continue bring good to the Ubuntu community.

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