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Hello, I'm Drew, a kid growing up in New York. I'm a neophyte geek and I like Ubuntu, its philosophy, and its community. I'm a member of the New York LoCo. I'm hardly an expert, but maybe someday, I will be!

I blog sporadically, and mini-blog daily. Check out my blog to find my profiles on a couple social networks if you're very interested in contacting me or following me. (Of course, don't expect friend invites to be accepted if I don't know you.)

How I Got Involved With Ubuntu

It started with my brother downloading a Fedora Live CD for kicks. I saw it and took interest, but we didn't really use it for our OS. But, when we found out about Ubuntu, we decided to convert an old computer to it... I believe it was Feisty. Anyways, back then, Ubuntu, and Linux in general, was not good for wireless drivers, and the old PC only could connect to our network through a wireless card, so we had a lot of fun trying to get a driver working... the driver basically uninstalled itself every boot for no good reason. But, living with that, trying to get it to work, getting our hands dirty... that made me love Ubuntu.

When we got a new PC for Christmas, we installed Ubuntu on it (until we could get a copy of Windows XP in order to play games). Of course, we had a 64-bit processor, so we used the 64-bit version of Ubuntu... and then had headaches with flash! More messing with the system, and though it cause a huge headache, I loved it. This was about the time that I started getting into the community. We installed Ubuntu on our laptop soon after (because we weren't going to play any games on it).

Now, today, I've begun to decide to start getting deep into the community. I'm trying to learn about Ubuntu and Linux in general!


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