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About Me

Hello from Melbourne, Florida! I am a former Marine, and belong to Florida's Ubuntu Local Community Team, currently holding the position of Team lead. I really like how the Ubuntu community has created this network of Local Communities! I was a Debian "Woody / SID" user prior to using Ubuntu when it was first released. It's kind of ironic looking back, at the time I had recently purchased an AMD-64 Shuttle that was top of the line. During this period there were only a handful of distributions that supported 64-bit, This oddly named distro appeared near the top of my google search, "Ubuntu" version 4.10. I first downloaded the i386 live cd and ran it on my shuttle with great success, and went on from there to download and install the AMD 64 version, and then on to install Unreal Tournament Tournament 200x which released a 64-bit version of the game shortly after. I have used other Distributions, but in my opinion the only thing that can come close to the stability of an Ubuntu system is Beyond Linux From Scratch. I have contributed to many forums, most notably fellow Florida Team member Lupine's phpbb located at I have also provided support in ubuntu forums as chriscri, and have seemed to misplace my original itnet7 account in the ubuntu forums somewhere between the merges of launchpad and stuff and trying to consolidate/merge accounts a while back, I currently have a support request in for this :-).

This weekend February 21-22, 2009, the Ubuntu Florida Loco and I will be heading down to Miami for the Globaal Bugjam on the 21st at Brikolodge, and on Sunday we will attend BarCamp/Wordcamp Miami. Look forward to seeing some of you there!


I have recently spent a lot of time devoted to the Bug Squad, and have been learning how to triage bugs. This has been a really good experience for both myself and our Lo-Co. Some of the other teams I have joined are points of interest that I am trying to get involved with as time permits. Python is another area where I hope to get more involved soon.


I have spent many hours helping new users get past hurdles over the phone, remotely, and in person at their homes or places of business. Have handed out hundreds of Ubuntu CD's as well as tux stickers that I have made myself with my own sign plotter from a previous business excursion. I have turned family members into linux users, and have gotten a better understanding of the basic users needs through my encounters with them.

Bug Club


Since March of 2007 I have been running a Linux special interest group that focuses on Ubuntu for a local Windows-based user group. They are known as the Brevard Users group. The Linux Sig consists of approximately 8 regulars that meet. Topics that are discussed are focused on the users getting the most from their Ubuntu experience. I have done several presentations and demonstrations on everything from the file system hierarchy, to how to use Gimp to retouch photos, from customizing the gnome desktop environment, to what new and great applications can they use as alternates to the proprietary software they are using now. The best part about this group is that they are all over the age of 60 with the exception of one or two guys/gals. The group has remained small due the availability of the meeting rooms at the library they chose for this. Meetings start at 7:00 and usually conclude around 8:30. We meet the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. In the future I plan on trying to utilize the larger meeting rooms and grow the group if possible opening up the Linux s.i.g. to all library patrons.

Florida Linux Show

Earlier this year I was asked to fill the position of Community and Public Relations for the Florida Linux Show team. I have been organizing and contacting community members and vendors in efforts to raise awareness of the event and Ubuntu. In this position I have been able to give Ubuntu community members an opportunity to present and/or exhibit their respective projects with no cost to them. I have also been involved in straightening out issues with the FLS website and plan on giving the main page a make over soon with Drupal. The Florida Team Members will have another spot this year, and will be educating the Jacksonville Community on Ubuntu and giving away CD's and other swag for advocacy. We are also going to support the FLS for an installation area for anyone that might be interested in installing whichever flavor of Ubuntu.

Last year I helped support the Florida Team Lo-Co booth at the Florida Linux Show February 11, 2008 by handing out CD's and case badges. I also discussed technical issues that people mentioned when talking to us at our booth. We had several members show up, and had a great time getting to know each other during the event. I would venture to say that we had the most traffic out of any exhibitors that were there.

Atlanta Linux Fest

Myself and 5 other Florida Team Members (well 4 plus wilsonnck (originally from Fl. Team) went up and helped support the Georgia Team for their first Annual Atlanta Linux Fest. We were given a table to hand out literature and Ubuntu CD's, and I spent several hours with attendee's of that show answering questions and walking them through installations and customizations and devices that they had brought with them. I won an Ubuntu book by the luck of the draw and presented it to one of the teachers that had brought a group of students with her to learn more about the opportunities that are present, both in learning and earning in Linux and support. She was a great educator and I still keep in contact with her students to this day through pidgin.


I really like to play the Acoustic Guitar, when I am not busy downloading pod-casts for my daily commutes to work. I also love to spend extra time with my Family! I also like to play Rock Band and have recently rekindled by FPS obsession with left4dead on wine.


Add your $0.02 Smile :-)

BelindaLopez highly recommends Chris!. Chris has done some outstanding work with the Florida Loco Team and other projects. I met him when he attended the 2008 UDS in Mountain View. Chris and his partner in crime, Dan T, paid their own way to attend UDS and participate in shaping the future of the next Ubuntu release. While there I also asked for the input on some upcoming training offerings. They gladly obliged and even traveled to Baltimore,MD in the freezing cold ice and snow to assist at my Sprints. Chris technical experience really helps set the bar for what Ubuntu should be and his personal enthusiasm bring a much welcomed humorous side to any event. +1 for Chris!!!

Chris is an awesome contributor. He does a great job with the Florida team. I met him for the first time at UDS Jaunty. His enthusiasm for everything Ubuntu is contagious. Chris's work with the Florida Team and as an organizer of the Florida Linux Show shows his commitment to putting the community first. He will make a great Ubuntu member! - NickAli

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