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 * Real Name: ''Chris Crisafulli''
 * Nickname: ''itnet7''
 * Born: ''1971''
 * City: ''Melbourne, FL''
 * Personal site:
 * Email: chris_c AT
 * Launchpad:

About Me

Hello from Melbourne, Florida!

I am a former Marine, and belong to Florida's Ubuntu Local Community Team. I really like how the ubuntu community has created this network of Local Communities! I was a Debian "Woody / SID" user prior to using Ubuntu when it was first released.

It's kind of ironic looking back, at the time I had recently purchased an AMD-64 Shuttle that was top of the line at the time. At the time there were only a handful of distributions that supported 64-bit, This oddly named distro appeared near the top of my google search, "Ubuntu". I first downloaded the i386 live cd, and went on from there to download and install the AMD 64 version, and then on to install Unreal Tournament Tournament which released a 64-bit version of the game shortly after.

I will be on irc as often as I can and use itnet7 as my irc Nick.

I have recently began learning more about LAMP, and have my own site I seriously need to get working on it more, but some things are on the Horizon now that are preventing me from giving LAMP the undivided attention it deserves, and my site is suffering from it... Well it's a work in progress and I have learned a lot so far...

Hobbies: I really like to play the Acoustic Guitar, when I am not busy downloading podcasts for my daily commutes to work. I also love to spend extra time with my Family!


I have spent the last year and a half running a linux special interest group that focuses on Ubuntu for a local Windows-based user group. I have held two install fests a week after both Hardy Heron and Intrepid Ibex released. I am active in the Florida Local Community Team since I joined in September '07. I am beginning to get more involved and plan on learn!

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