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 * 2nd e-mail: malditoastur AT gmail DOT com  * 2nd e-mail: malditoastur (at) gmail (dot) com
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Giving conferences about free software and Ubuntu. Translations in Launchpad: (see activity in [[https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+topcontributors|Top Contributors]])

Giving conferences about Free Software and Ubuntu:
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 * [[http://wiki.altuxa.com/images/9/99/2009_05_17_install_xixon_0.jpg|Training curses in Xixón]] and [[http://wiki.softastur.org/Imaxe:Install_sama_1.jpg|Llangréu]]  * [[http://wiki.softastur.org/Imaxe:2009_05_17_install_xixon_0.jpg|Training curses in Xixón]] and [[http://wiki.softastur.org/Imaxe:Install_sama_1.jpg|Llangréu]]

Real name: Iñigo Varela (https://launchpad.net/~malditoastur)

Blog: http://blogs.altuxa.com/tapaponga/


Translations in Launchpad: (see activity in Top Contributors)

Giving conferences about Free Software and Ubuntu:

Future plans

Reach better translation state of Ubuntu in Asturian


  • I meet Iñigo in person one time at month. He works very hard in the Asturian LoCo Team and the organization for translate free software Softastur. (He's the biggest Ubuntu Asturian Translators contributor). He helps always in all events in Asturies: Ubuntu Install Parties, events, talks in colleges and institutes... I can say which are the main points of Iñigo for me: convey much enthusiasm when talk about Ubuntu and unlimited perseverance in what he believes. I can confirm that the Asturian translations, without Iñigo will be not the same. -- Marcos, Asturian LoCo Team leader.


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