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Jacky Alciné

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JackyAlcine on IRC.freenode.net

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English, Creole

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Ubuntu Forums, Ubuntu Youth Forums

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Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat desktop

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Ubuntu Beginners Team

Jacky is a wonderful person to work with. He shows great care for the people around him and raises the bar for quality of work. You should see some of his whitepapers ;-). I am enjoying his development lead skills in SpeechControl and Wintermute. His latest development work is the Voice Recognition Toolkit. I forsee a great future for Jacky Alciné in Ubuntu Beginners Team and beyond.
-- UndiFineD 2011-02-09

I have worked with Jacky Alciné for the past 11 dec. 2010 from the beginning from SpeechControl program. He has been doing some terrific work on by programming and also contribute with his own made program what was very essentially for the speechcontrol program. I have made him the head dev from speechprogram because of his leaders quality. His passion and driven enthusiastic personality brighten the team spirit and moved the program to higher level. He also have helped me on many ways with things I could not do because of my health issues. In a way he let me forget I had the issues. He also always is helping with the new padawans to find there way. And make them feel welcome. I often have seen him help in #ubuntu-beginners and #ubuntu-beginners-team . I can support the quality of his work, and believe Jacky Alciné is here to stay.
-- hajour 9 febr. 2010

Having a project rise from the ashes to become a phoenix is wonderful, Jacky is the lead developer co-ordinator, not a task for the faint of heart. As with hajour he is a wonderful addition to our family on UBT, he has already shown that and I 100% support his application to UBT. phillw

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