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|| ubuntuforum || valex ||
|| ubuntuforum || [[valex|http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=741765]] ||
|| UCSClodge || [[sampath|http://www.ucsclodge.lk/users/vale]] ||

About me

I am Janith Sampath Bandara, a 22 years old Sri Lankan Ubuntu user.

I am studying computer science in University of Colombo School of Computing(UCSC). I've been using Linux since 2006 using RedHat and have a wide rangs of interests in Ubuntu (including Bug tracking , user support , testing and Localizing). I have desktop Linux experience with RedHat, SUSE, Mandriva, kubuntu and now Ubuntu!

Contact me

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu User & Active Contributer to the Open Source Community

    Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu LoCo Sri Lanka Team

    Ubuntu Member of Launchpad Users & Launchpad Beta Testers

    Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu Marketing Team

    Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu QA

    Ubuntu Member of Ubuntu Marketing Team and SpreadUbuntu Team

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Mailing list (General Support)

Plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the near future

Work together with the Ubuntu translations community to make it even more awesome. also hope to make good Sri Lanka ubuntu community.



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