About Me

My name is Jason Cook. I live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I will be starting Grade 10 in September.

Ubuntu Contributions

I have done several things for Ubuntu. I am one of the editors on the Ubuntu Manual team. I co-write for Ubuntu Root which covers various topics such as Ubuntu news, app reviews, themes and wallpapers. I have also made some forum posts which you can find here

I joined the Ubuntu Manual Launchpad team shortly after hearing about it from the OMG! Ubuntu!. The Ubuntu Manual team creates a beginners manual for every release of Ubuntu. We cover basic topics such as installation to more advanced troubleshooting. Since joining I have fixed many bugs. You can see all the bugs I have fixed here and all bug assigned to me, but not yet fixed here.

I started writing for Ubuntu Root recently on August 21, 2010. I have posted on various topics such as Steam for Linux, Ubuntu Manual and reviews of various apps.

Other Technical Contributions

I am a member of the Media Team at my Church. I run live HD cameras for one of our two services. At our youth group every Friday night, I run graphics throughProPresenter. On other nights I will run lights from our Jans Vista lighting board.

= Ideas for Ubuntu = Ubuntu is a fantastic operating system. It is very usable and thus the only things I change are themes, wallpaper few applications. Most my ideas revolve around the installer.

  • Installer
    • Add PPAs during installation
    • Install applications during installation
    • Connect to WiFi instead of Ethernet for APT configuration

    • Document Transfer
      • Copy selected folders to your fresh install

        • The documents would be put in a folder name OLD for each user
        • This allows you to choose that you want to have on you fresh install
          • This lets you keep you documents without keeping settings

Favorite Blogs

I subscribes to over 100 blogs, with an average over 2,000 post a month. It is hard to narrow it down to a few, but I will try.

Contacting Me

You can find me on Launchpad or Identica

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