About Me

  • I'm a fans of linux .I like it , like the freedom ,and also , I hope more and more people will have this feeling like me . I live in China PRC .


Email: <jhuangjiahua AT gmail DOT com>

Location: Meizhou, China ( GMT +0800 )

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/people/huangjiahua

Now work on

  • BetterCJKSupport which aims to make CJK user can use ubuntu more smoothly.
  • translate doc from english to chinese
  • make more and more people like linux in chinese use ubuntu instead of other distro .
  • Help users on #ubuntu-zh irc://linuxsir.org/#debianer


Bugs I've reported

Display context of search results
Case-sensitive searching

Future Plan

  • Do promotion about ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu/edubuntu in universities in china
  • Establish kubuntu-zh(in progress) and edubuntu-zh website
  • Continue working with kubuntu-team for a Better Chinese support kubuntu'release



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