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||Age: || 24 || ||Age: || 27 ||
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== Introduction == === Ubuntu/Linux Software Involvement ===
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I love GTK+ programming, and very enthusiastic about GNOME and Linux.
I like solving problems, and providing software solutions to make life in linux easy.
[[DocumentTemplatesGenerator| GNOME Templates Generator]]
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I love to design attractive HIG compliant GUI interfaces and make them work seemlessly. I'm obsessed with GUI attractiveness and functionality, I try to learn the designs from Mac OSX, Windows Vista, and other OS's. [[Optimization| Desktop Optimization]]
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== Software Design & Linux Involvement == [[SensibleDesktopProject| Sensible Desktop Project]]
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During mid college years (late 2003), I got involved as a VP-Internal on a student IT group called ite@ch. It was a blast, because my part was not VP stuff, but I'm on the technical stuff like software design, art and multimedia, the things that I enjoyed most. [[GnomeBlingManager| Gnome Bling Manager]]
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And later that year, I joined a web design comptetion, and won 2nd place. By the end of the year, we got financial problems, so I wasn't able to enroll. [[UbuntuCommonHooker| Ubuntu Common Hooker]]
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Being bored at home, I find a job, and worked as a Technical Consultant (Feb 2004), specializing for Linux and Open Source related technology.
During those times, I was introducing Fedora Core 1, MySQL Database, GTK+ and PHP for SME and Manufacturing businesses. A part of my job is integrating their business process from different department to an ERP system. I in-house-develop their ERP, POS systems and done some migration to Fedora Core 1. Working there is a blast, It's my first work, and I really enjoyed it. Then, classes starts again, this time, I have enough money to enroll, I endo my contract without renewing and continue studying.
[[UbuntuCommercialSupport| Ubuntu Commercial Support]]
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Then while I was studying in AMA Computer University, Makati. I worked as a Student Assistance in the IT department, where I deploy Fedora Core 2 servers (2004) to handle DHCP, Squid Proxy, tasks. And last year, the IT team and I deployed dual-boot Ubuntu 5.04 with Windows XP to 300 computers (2005). [[UbuntuHomeBackup| Ubuntu Home Backup]]
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In June 2006, I have installed Dapper Drake to more than 300 computers on AMA Computer University. [[UbuntuLiveChatSupport|Ubuntu Live Chat Support]]
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As a college student, I worked on numerous thesis, software projects. GTK+ Based on Windows and Linux platform.

In 2006, I was hired by AMA Computer University to build their own distribution, which is called "AMA Desktop Linux", It features comfortability of Microsoft-Windows users. It has several applications and wizards exclusively for the distribution, to ease the use of the system for the users and the administrator. I can say it's entirely unique, distribution.
It would be released soon.

My first Linux experience was in late 1996, where I download and install a 6 floppy version of Linux called "Monkey Linux" in a BBS.

I'm a full college scholar student.

== Relevant Links ==

=== Software Related ===

[:VMWarePlayerAndWindowsHOWTO: VMware Player and Windows HOWTO]

[:DocumentTemplatesGenerator: GNOME Templates Generator]

[:Optimization: Desktop Optimization]

[:SensibleDesktopProject: Sensible Desktop Project]

[:GnomeBlingManager: Gnome Bling Manager]

[ Fix the wrong device registered in netstatus applet, and automatically set it to the first working network connection.]

[:UbuntuCommonHooker: Ubuntu Common Hooker]

[ Configure Ctrl-Alt-Del to open Gnome System Monitor]

[:UbuntuCommercialSupport: Ubuntu Commercial Support]

[:UbuntuHomeBackup: Ubuntu Home Backup]

[:UbuntuLiveChatSupport:Ubuntu Live Chat Support]

[:SensibleIRCHandler:Sensible IRC Handler]

[ Fix scattered volume icons in Desktop, and some suggestions to Dapper.]

[:DapperArtUserProposals/LogoutLogo:Logo in Shutdown Dialog]

[:DapperArtUserProposals/ Splash Screens]

[ Some old projects]
[[SensibleIRCHandler|Sensible IRC Handler]]
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I make changes, I make it all happen, I'm not affraid to fail, I decide things for better or for worst with the best of my abilities, with the most righteous way I know. I make changes, I make it all happen, I'm not afraid to fail, I decide things for better or for worst with the best of my abilities, with the most righteous way I know.
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 * SIP:
 * SMS: +63 915 7457547 (Globe Cellular), +63 922 9753124 (Sun Cellular)
 * Nick: joelbryan
 * Telephone Number: (63) +2 823-7441

== Address ==
330 Unity Street, Annex 29 Better Living Subdivision.
Paranaque, Metro Manila.
Philippines 1711
 * SMS: +63 915 7457547

Personal Information


Joel Bryan Juliano





Ubuntu/Linux Software Involvement

GNOME Templates Generator

Desktop Optimization

Sensible Desktop Project

Gnome Bling Manager

Ubuntu Common Hooker

Ubuntu Commercial Support

Ubuntu Home Backup

Ubuntu Live Chat Support

Sensible IRC Handler


I make changes, I make it all happen, I'm not afraid to fail, I decide things for better or for worst with the best of my abilities, with the most righteous way I know.

Contact Details

  • E-mail & Google Talk: joelbryan.juliano _atsign_

  • SMS: +63 915 7457547


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