Personal Information

* Name : Mohd Fahmi

* Age: 21 years

* Location: Ampang, Malaysia

* Email : editor [at]

Jom Linux Sites

* Official Web Site:

* Launchpad:

* Video:

* Picture:


* Help Malaysian Team in Launchpad translating Ubuntu to Malay language (2007-2008)

* By the end of August 2008, I founded Jom Linux which is a team consist of my members that want to help promoting Ubuntu.

* In the early establishment of Jom Linux, we only help people in Linux especially Ubuntu via our official web site :

* Then, I set a new direction for Jom Linux to go further by creating Ubuntu 8.10 Kit which include a manual book to setup Ubuntu, stickers 'Powered by Ubuntu' and CD. For more information please go to this page (written in Malay) :

* Not only that, by the end of February and early of March 2009, we went to UiTM Perlis, a local university and opened a booth for Karnival Ilmu. We exhibited a demo and gave explanation about Ubuntu as well. To view the picture for this event please go to this link :

* Jom Linux also produced several documentaries and tutorial videos about Ubuntu. You can watch it by reviewing this URL:

* We also has changed Parliament Ampang's Office desktop, laptop and server to Ubuntu.

* Jom Linux has been interviewed by OpenMalaysiaBlog because of these contributions. Link :

* Even we are only 7 months old this month, we have done so many projects and activities that impresses our local community and Ubuntu.

Future Planning

*We're working to produce OpenOffice Writer manual book in Malay.

*Currently we have 7 planned projects that are going to be accomplished until the end of this year.

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