Hello, My name is Jonathan Ernst (jernst). I'm 28 and live in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm a computer scientist and I'm using Linux since 1999. I'd like to be an Ubuntu member because I feel I belong to this community and can contribute something back. I'm member of Ubuntu Swiss Users and Ubuntu French Translators. I'm mostly working on French l10n (most GNOME packages), Wine, advocacy, user support, system administration and bug triage/reporting.

contributions to Ubuntu

  • A lot of French l10n (mostly upstream at GNOME and numerous other projects) (2006-2008)
  • Bug reporting, triage (2006-2008)
  • Advocacy and support (most of my friends, family, customers do use Ubuntu. I'm also helping local schools to migrate to Ubuntu and betatesting/debugging the official Swiss tax software on Ubuntu) (2005-2008)
  • CD distribution (through ShipIt and self made CDs) (2006-2008)

  • IRC and Forum help (2007-2008)
  • Report problems and test Geneva's tax software under Ubuntu (2007-2008)
  • Report problems to the state's administration and fix (for free) public schools computers in Geneva that currently come pre-installed with a crippled (wrong keyboard layout, no sound) Ubuntu (2008)
  • I just submitted my first (very) simple debdiff patches (2008)

other contributions

  • Coded and contributed to the French free software glossary: (2006-2008)

  • Hundreds of new usbids: (2008)

  • Bug reporting, triage for GNOME, Mozilla Firefox, etc. (2005-2008)
  • Mozilla firefox search plugin for the Swiss phone books (2004)
  • Wine French translation, uninstaller and application database (2005-2008)

  • Make hardware vendor aware that some people want operating system choice by getting numerous Windows tax (and other software) refunds in Switzerland (Dell, IBM/Lenovo) (2007-2008)

plans for Ubuntu

  • Join UbuntuMembers

  • Join and blog a little bit about Ubuntu
  • Continue my current work on Ubuntu
  • Learn to patch .deb packages in order to fix some of the low hanging bugs I reported


  • ClaudeParoz: I can confirm Jonathan did some great work in the French translation team of GNOME, especially regarding harmonization of common terms in various French l10n projects, which is far from easy but very helpful!

  • VincentUntz: Jonathan has been very active in the French translation of GNOME. He's one of the few people who helped renew the team and make it much more efficient.


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