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http://members.cox.net/so4plume/roadrash.jpg {{http://members.cox.net/so4plume/roadrash.jpg}}

My name is John Sonderegger. I'm a retired hydrogeologist living in Green Valley, Arizona.

I started dinking with linux in 1996, burning out on Caldera and Corel distros. In 2001 I put one computer solely on linux because I needed a free drawing program for textbook figures. That computer later became the photo printer because HP's software for their photosmart printer was "erratic" under Windows 2000.

I had helped develop advanced Windows XP classes for the Computer Club of Green Valley, but became tired of the ongoing malware battles and started a Linux SIG with the club in 2004. We started there using Fedora Core (no numbers for core 1), and also supported Mepis and later Ubuntu.

Currently I run Mint on a Dell Inspiron 1505 notebook and an HP Pavilion 724c desktop. On the Ubuntu forums, I am normally found in the PPC area, as I run the community supported version of Feisty (7.04) on a dual-booting Mac Mini.

I also play with motorcycles, not always safely as indicated from the year old picture (Sept. 2006):


e-mail: jsonder@yahoo.com


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