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This is the wiki page of Natacha Menjibar, aka kelp.

I'm an administrator for the Spain and Latinoamerican Local team Ubuntu-es, and the Spanish Documentation Team, and I'm an actively member of the Ubuntu-es moderation team and the CUPIE Project.

You can see my launchpad profile on

I am not an expert on computers, in fact I studied Fine Arts on University of Barcelona, but I love GNU/Linux and Free Software filosophy. I use Ubuntu since february 2006, but for the first time I knew that this would be my OS by default for long, long time. One month after, Windows was removed from my pc.


  • Ubuntu-es: I'm administrator of this LoCo Team since February 2007, and I participate on forum moderation actively (My motto is: Ubuntu-es is the GNU/Linux nursery, our obligation is to educate users coming from windows).I participate on remodelation of this website. We are now working on improving the site, that every day has more and more users.

  • Spanish Documentation Team: Since I became administrator of Ubuntu-es, my work was focused on the creation of a great site of spanish documentation, because on that moment all the documentation was scattered on the wiki of ubuntu, and it was dificult to find for users. With the help of the rest of the administrators of Ubuntu-es and the members of the spanish speakers LoCo teams, was born.

  • Besides being administrator of the spanish documentation team, I actively contribute on translation and creation of spanish documentation. You can see my contributions here

  • UWN Translation: I'm involved on the NSU Project, the spanish translation of UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter.

  • When I have some time, I participate on Ubuntu translation on launchpad see my contributions, but not as much as I would like.

In the future...

Besides continuing doing the above tasks, I want to work on the user education on the importance of Free Software, not only on the technical aspects of Ubuntu. I think is very important that people knows about the importance of the community, the Free Software, licenses, etc. The users that arrive to our forums are novices, and most of them don't understand about communities, volunteer help, etc. We have to reeducate them for a good integration on the community, and improving and promoting feedback of new users.

Suport for membership

Efrain Valles (effie_jayx)

Natacha is one of the members of the ubuntu-es team that is more commited to promoting ubuntu and tries hard to integrate work from different LoCo teams. She always looks for ways of participating actively in projects like ubuntu-doc-spa which she helped reorganize. the people that have worked with her know that she is very active in her participation.

Jonathan Davies (jpatrick)

I too, would like to give my support for Natacha's membership. She has very hard working with the Spanish Documentation, website and CUPIE project. I fully support her membership.

Rubén Romero (Hubuntu)

Natacha is not only a great co-worker, but also one of the most important resource perspnms within the Spanish Speaking Community. Our documentation would be a lot poorer without her contributions and our community would be a lot poorer without her charisma and perseverance. NSU, the Spanish translation of the UWN would not even be possible without her! It's about time she gets acknowledgement for her work within Ubuntu and become more visible in the worldwide community. We active participants and poeple taking iniciative within the Ubuntu community to make it better; Natacha is both and her commitment is undoubtful. The community deserver to have her as a member.

Miguel Ángel Molina (slap)

This is to certify that Natacha is actively collaborating with the Ubuntu Project with truly enthusiasm. She is the really promoter of the doc-ubuntu-es project and its more active contributor. I have no doubt she should be an ubuntu member. slap

Javier F. Garrido (meisok)

Natacha is one of the most active members in the Spanish speaking Ubuntu community, and Ubuntu-es. Is actively involved in many projects, and has been the main driver of the draft documentation in Spanish. Also makes a great deal of work in the administration and moderation on the web and forums of Ubuntu-es, the project CUPIE ... etc etc.


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