CategoryHomepage Hello, My name is Adam Miller. Nickname is millertimek1a2m3 (on forums, my friends just call me millertime sometimes). I like linux and I've been using it for about 2.5 to 3 years. I'm a programmer and a to be hacker. I'm still in the larva stage right now (as of DEC 9 2009) but don't worry. I'm studious and hard working and I intend to master computers. I want to major in networking security, hopefully work with something like the DEP of homeland defence or something, maybe law enforcement. It would be bad ass to catch some child pornographer's proliferating material over the net and send them to jail. That would be the most awesome job. I think that intellectual works should be free, but that's just my opinion. I want very much to one day put something back against time (I consider myself an intellectual).

I tought myself C programming and I'm working on Java, but the huge libraries of functions is hampering. I want to learn how the internals of programming languages work. I think that would be key to understanding security. I also want to get in on the latest with the hacker community. I think it would be awesome to be connected across the world with people I can consider my friends while working on something I think is worthwhile. Smile :)

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