I've filled various IT roles in tech support, QA testing, web/graphic design, network admin, instruction and management. All of them in a Windows environment! Now I'm finally making the move to Linux/Unix world because it's time to get more serious. I've dabbled a few times with various distros but never really settled on one. This is where Ubuntu comes in. It finally convinced me to make the move because it removed the fear that I would screw up my system or lose my data. It was simple to install and makes a great multipurpose distro, not just for running servers. As I learn more and feel more comfortable, I'll no doubt learn more advanced things. About a year ago I decided to return to school and now working towards a BS in Comp Info Systems. I've taken courses in SQL, Systems Analysis, Linux Administration and next quarter will focus more on Solaris to obtain a SCSA cert. I'm currently working towards obtaining my Linux+ cert first though. I'm also married and just had a son, Ismael David.


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